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KRS Engineering is a locally owned company providing Thermal Insulation (for all kind of piping & equipment’s), Cold & Hot Insulation, Electrical& Instrumentation, Industrial Painting, Fire Proofing, Project Consultation, and Technical Manpower Supply for the engineering sectors.

KRS Engineering strives to meet the needs of their clients who have a requirement for quality and timely engineering solutions. They have diversified and grown with an established reputation for the safe and timely delivery of products and services to the quality levels required by their clients.

The success of KRS Engineering has been built on proven results of a diverse range of services. Word of mouth by key industry leaders has provided a widespread endorsement and approval of their work. Our established record of quality work and excellent customer service, along with the resulting client satisfaction, has enabled us to grow to be a leader in the engineering field for the greater Singapore.

Our goals:

  • High quality workmanship
  • Energy efficient and cost saving solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Safety


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KRS Engineering

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Our Profile Our team Awards/Certificates


Thermal Insulation Cold & Hot Insulation Electrical & Instrumentation Industrial Painting Fire Proofing Project Consultation Technical Manpower Supply
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